You did it!

IMG_2697 copy

I am so grateful. The goal has been reached, before the 9/8 deadline.

By the end, more than 50 individuals or households gave (some 2 or 3 times!) to help us make the $7232.38 goal.

The full amount of the transportation budget has been wired – so the Irish volunteers can set out later this month to make the 5-day trek to Minsk, and deliver $48,963.21 worth of goods (8.25 tons) to The Great Kozovaya at our Response of the Heart warehouse in Minsk.

Every $1 given has been transformed into $6.77 in aid for the people we love in Belarus: baby strollers, toys, footwear, children’s bicycles, 169 boxes of clothing, huge rolls of carpet and fabric, incredibly valuable construction materials, furniture, and more.

I can’t say “thank you” enough to the generous people who made this possible. But THANK YOU for helping … and for journeying with us all along the way.

Much love,
Doug Brendel


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