Launched with love!

Greetings from Belarus….

10 orphans are very, very happy today!

I’ve delivered the “college starter kits” provided through the generosity of friends like you!
Here’s a photo report (plus a lot of laughs in a brief video).
Widen your browser to enjoy the photos fully.
You’ll also meet little David (in the photo) and some other lovely kids.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

I am grateful


I am truly grateful for everyone who gave so generously to help us meet the need of children who must graduate from the foster system at Kobryn, Belarus.

Thanks to your compassionate response, we’ll be able to provide essentials for all of these young people, and launch them into adulthood.
I will leave for Belarus soon to visit the children before Graduation Day and give them the good news about your gifts!
Photos to come!
Thanks again for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

9 kids in trouble

These 9 orphans will leave the Kobryn, Belarus “children’s village” in days — they can’t stay, they’ve “aged out.”
They’ll leave with nothing — or we can help them.
Most will go to a dormitory-type setting, where they’ll have to fend for themselves.
It’s not like the U.S.
They’ll need bed linens, a pot and pan so they can cook for themselves, the basic necessities.
One of my interpreters remembers leaving the orphanage where she had spent virtually her whole life.
In the dorm, she had nothing to cook with, no blanket or pillow.
She wept tears of grief and terror.
By God’s grace, someone helped her. Today she’s a successful adult.
But many Belarusian orphans spin out.
They leave “the system” with nothing, and they descend into crime, drugs, prostitution, violence, anything to survive.
I don’t want to see that happen to these kids.
Especially after the workers at the “Children’s Village” at Kobryn have devoted years to caring for them, giving them a warm family environment to grow up in.
We need a total of $825.21 right away.
* A gift from you of $54.59 will provide a blanket, a pillow, and bed linens for one orphan.
* A gift of $91.69 will provide all that plus pots and pans.
If we receive more than the total we need, we’ll provide irons and tea kettles, too.
Whatever you can do immediately will be a real help.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel