Happy birthday to New Thing!

Time to celebrate!
I never dreamed, when New Thing was officially born 15 years ago this week, that we would have the joy of accomplishing so much among people in need in the former USSR.
With the strong support of caring friends like you, tens of thousands of children and adults, all over our adopted homeland of Belarus, have received food, clothing, hygiene and medical supplies, furniture, and much more.
Thanks to generous people with a heart of compassion, there’s a playroom in a hospital, an after-school center at a children’s shelter, a trampoline at a summer camp, playground equipment where there used to be none … and the list goes on.
I hope you’ll help us celebrate our 15th birthday by reaching out to still more people in need in the former Soviet Union.
* I’m inviting you and all our friends to make a generous “birthday present” pledge of $15 a month. (Or any amount you choose.)
* If that’s not possible, maybe you can give a simple “birthday present” of just $15 today. (Or whatever you feel good about giving.) 
In any event, your generosity will make a real difference for people in need. We’re all-volunteer on the U.S. side, so 100% of your giving to New Thing always goes directly into Belarus.
Thank you for joining in our birthday celebration! I look forward to hearing from you!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Love doing dishes?


Greetings to all who follow or support New Thing!

You just made some kitchen workers SO HAPPY in the former USSR!

Here are a few photos to make you smile!
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel