Thrown-away children

The children are beautiful at Rudensk.
130 orphans with mental disabilities.
Each one either abandoned or abused by their parents.
They live at the Rudensk boarding school year-round.
You can meet them in my photo report, here.
I think these children will make you smile like they made me smile.
And I hope you can help them.
Crazy as it may sound, they need chairs.
They have a big auditorium where they put on concerts, plays, and other events, just like the kids in any school.
But the chairs are literally falling apart.
(If you take a look at my photo report, you’ll see how the staff have done their best to keep them cobbled together and looking nice.)
Here’s why this is so important:
When you put a mentally disabled child onstage, to sing or recite or dance or play a part, they grow.
It’s an experience that speaks to them. It says,
“You’re not ’slow.’ You’re not inferior. You’re good. You’re great.”
This is a message these kids really need to hear.
I want them to be able to look out at their audience, seated in sturdy new chairs, and see your love.
A beautiful brand-new auditorium chair costs $65.
Or give a smaller gift, and I’ll combine your gift with someone else’s to provide 1 chair.
I’m hoping our New Thing family can provide 30 chairs, a total of $1,950.
So anything you can give today will be a real help.
Thanks for journeying with us!
More photos to come.
Much love,
Doug Brendel

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