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I am grateful to report that, just a few hours from Kristina and Lydia Charlotte’s departure, we made the goal.

We’ll be able to provide a commercial dryer for the workers at Old Borisov, as they care for hundreds of children at risk of tuberculosis.
Thank you to all who gave generously to make it possible!
Photos to come from Kristina and Lydia Charlotte’s visit to Belarus.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

For at-risk children


Some have asked for an update on our effort to provide a commercial dryer at the boarding school for children at risk of tuberculosis at Old Borisov in Belarus.

Only 7 friends have responded so far — although I’m hugely grateful for their generosity: We’re only $830.62 short of the goal.
If you were thinking of participating in this project, please do so today.
We need you! The workers caring for the kids need help.

With 150 children at any given time — 400 over the course of a year — there’s a lot of laundry to do.
Unfortunately, the laundry facilities are some of the worst we’ve ever seen in Belarus.
“Pretty awful,” Kristina reports. “Horrid. Pallets on the floor to keep workers out of leaking water.”

“There’s no dryer, only a ‘spinner,’” she continues.
“Spinners discharge the water they pull out of the laundry directly on to the floor.”

But the workers soldier on. All bed linens are washed once a week.
All the children’s clothing is washed here, too.
A huge, heavy-duty commercial dryer would dramatically improve the lives of the workers as they care for the children.

So please help if you can.
10 friends giving $83.06 each would do it.

Or 20 giving $41.53.

Whatever you’re able to do, thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Spring cleaning?

IMG_7135 copy
My wife Kristina is not inclined to exaggeration.

She’s a very measured person. She rarely uses strong language.

So the message I received from her got my attention.
“Awful.” “Horrid.” “The worst.”
She was in Staroborisov, or “Old Borisov,” a town in the north of Belarus.
There’s a boarding school and medical facility for children at risk of TB.
400 total, every year; up to 160 at a time.
With the worst laundry facilities Kristina has ever seen, in 26 years of visits of Belarus.
If you go to my original photo report here, and scroll down, you can see the terrible equipment.
Now, as I start thinking about spring cleaning in my own home, I can’t stop thinking about them…
the workers at Old Borisov, caring for hundreds of children.
I want to get them a huge commercial dryer. 
One that can handle a massive amount of work and not break down.
It will take a total of $3,174.10 for purchase, delivery, and installation.
That’s a lot of money. But I think if everyone journeying with New Thing participates, we can get there.
All we need is 50 friends giving $63.48. Maybe you could do more.
Or maybe you could even be 1 of 10 giving $317.41.
And I know, if we manage to do this, the workers at Old Borisov will weep with joy.
If by some miracle we go over the goal, every dollar donated will still go entirely into Belarus.
New Thing is 100% volunteer on the U.S., so not a single penny goes into “overhead.”
Thank you for thinking about it, and doing what you can.
And thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

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