A volunteer opportunity with New Thing?


• Maybe you appreciate New Thing’s work of compassion among the needy ones of the former USSR.

• Maybe you’d like to help more, but not necessarily by giving more money.

• Maybe you have a little time available, and some enthusiasm, and you can imagine talking to people about our work in Belarus.

Then maybe I have a volunteer opportunity for you!
One of the best ways we’ve found to get more folks looking at New Thing photo reports is for me to talk to groups:
churches and groups within churches, Rotary and Lions and other service clubs, cultural groups, and others.
The key is to get someone from a group to invite me.
I’m hoping to find someone willing to volunteer a few hours per month to
(a) contact groups,
(b) briefly introduce New Thing (I can provide simple talking-points), and
(c) ask if the key contact person in the group would be willing to have a conversation with Doug about the possibility of speaking to their group.
We could discuss which groups to reach out to, and how (phone? email? other?).
If this seems like a project you might be interested in trying, I’d love to hear from you!
Would you please email me directly here?
Your inquiring about this does NOT obligate to anything; let’s just talk about it.
(And no, you don’t have to live here in New England to volunteer this way!)
Much love,
Doug Brendel