Keep kids warm, let kids breathe

Tuberculosis kills 35 times as many Belarusians as Americans every year.
At greatest risk: children.

In Belarus, children at risk of TB, and children with respiratory problems, go to a boarding school in Bogushevsk.
It’s “home” to 1,000 children a year.
It’s old, with lots of problems. You can see some photos here.
In the wing housing 9th-grade boys, the huge old windows don’t keep the cold out anymore.
And the 4 doors leading to the outside are deteriorating badly.

Kids with breathing problems, or at risk of tuberculosis, shouldn’t be living in the cold.
I hope we can provide new doors and windows now, so they can be installed before Belarus turns cold again.

Each window will cost $238.17, installed.
The exterior double door costs $476.34, installed.
Each of three exterior single doors will cost $238.17.

The total bill is high, I know: $1,905.36.
But if New Thing has 30 friends who can give $63.51 each, the children of Bogushevsk can sleep in warm rooms this winter.

Could you be 1 of the 30? Or give whatever you can.
Any and every gift will help us keep the winter cold out of the children’s rooms, as they fight for breath and life.

Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Two grainy images tell the whole story

  • A mysterious man named Sergei, 32 years old, contacted “The Great Kozovaya,” leader of our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk.
He had a birthday coming up, and he had decided to celebrate by paying for a delicious lunch for all the homeless and poor at our “soup kitchen.”
We don’t know much about Sergei.
He didn’t want any photos.
“God sees well,” he said.
Then came International Women’s Day, widely celebrated in Belarus.
  • A businessman decided to mark the occasion by providing flowers for all the women at the soup kitchen.
You and I click on 1-800-FLOWERS and send Mom a dozen of something.
For many of these Belarusian women, it was the first time in their entire lives that they had received flowers.
You can see a little, in these two low-quality screen grabs, how precious this moment was.Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.02.13 PM.png
  • One homeless woman, seated before her simple lunch (provided by friends like you), handles her flower like a delicate work of art, a thing of wonder.
  • The other draws the petals to her nose, to take in the love. She almost kisses it.
On the one hand, it breaks my heart, to realize what deprivation they have suffered.
On the other hand, it gladdens my heart, to know that they are experiencing God’s love, thanks to you, every single day.
And that people in Minsk are learning of this work, and want to be involved … that’s HUGE.
Thank you for being a part of it. We need you!
More adventures to come….
Much love,
Doug Brendel