A crummy shower

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Hi! I hope you’re having a fabulous summer.
In the midst of all the fun, would you please consider helping meet a very special need?

The children at Volozhin, the western part of Belarus, really need us. So do their parents, and the workers caring for them, in the hospital there.
(You can see my original photo report here, if you wish.)

But here’s the bottom line:
I hope we can put in just one new shower for the moms who have to live at the hospital while their children are in treatment.

(It’s not like the U.S. … Parents have to provide lots of the care when their kids go into the hospital.)

The makeshift shower they have in the children’s ward — the nurses built it themselves, as best they could — it splashes water all over the place.
To put in a brand-new modern one would take just $275.97. Could you give part of this?

Maybe 10 friends giving $27.60 each? Or 5 friends giving $55.19?

If we receive any extra funds, we could also provide new cribs and mattresses for the youngest children.
As you can see in the photo report, some of their cribs now are actually nailed together.
Each crib-and-mattress together will take just $80.28, or a total of $802.82.
Their cafeteria also really needs help, but I don’t know if we can go that far.
They really need 4 tables for grown-ups with 4 chairs each, 2 children’s tables with high chairs, and 4 other pieces of cafeteria equipment for a total of $1,254.41.
I haven’t made any promises. I’ve just said we’ll do what we can.
This fall, others will need the help of New Thing. So I’d say, whatever we can do this summer, let’s do it.
What can we do?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel
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Thanks again!

Laughing in the hospital?


Hospitals — and laughs?

You don’t normally think of the two together.
But “normally” isn’t what this photo report is about.
I think you’ll like it!
Take a look at the cool things supporters of New Thing are making possible in the former USSR.
Widen your browser to enjoy the photos fully.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Do me a favor?

I wonder how many people I’ve talked to, over the years, about New Thing’s work in the former USSR.

Thousands, I’m sure. I’ve spoken at churches, Rotary clubs, book clubs, library groups, you name it. People are generally fascinated to learn how the explosion at Chernobyl, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, led to the amazing humanitarian-aid operation that we call New Thing!
I’ve found that this is the single best way to get folks involved. Better than paying for TV spots or magazine ads. Better than renting mailing lists.
People who hear about New Thing first-hand are usually eager to share their email address with me, so they can receive our photo reports, and track with our work in the former Soviet Union. And sometimes, down the road, they decide they want to help.
So I’d like to ask you to consider helping the people of Belarus in an unusual way — by considering one or more of these possibilities:
1. Invite me. 
If you’re part of a group that might enjoy a talk by Doug Brendel about Chernobyl, the old USSR, and New Thing’s work in Belarus, arrange for me to speak there.
It could be your book club or library group, your history club, a cultural or social club of any kind, a Bible study group, a Sunday school class or church.
I can talk for 10 minutes or do Q&A for an hour or anything in between. I can preach a sermon or just hang out over coffee. Whatever’s appropriate to your group.
(I’m absolutely willing to meet with groups that aren’t located in the northeastern U.S., where I live. If I can line up several meetings, it can become cost-effective to travel.)
2. Ask your friends and contacts to invite me.
The simplest way would be to forward this email to them. They can reach out to me directly for more information.
3. Post the jpeg file you see here on your social media streams: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Get the word out that there’s something cool happening in the former Soviet Union, and you’re personally tracking with it!
Whatever you feel comfortable doing, I hope you’ll always feel free to share my contact information with anyone who might be interested in New Thing’s work. You can give people my email address (Doug@NewThing.net is easy to remember) or my phone number: (978) 810-1005.
This is a great way you can contribute to New Thing’s work of compassion without spending any money! Thanks for thinking about it. Let me know if you have any questions. And thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel
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Good news … and circus fun!


Thanks to everyone who gave to help us meet our Matching Challenge goal!

Now we can provide a big fluffy bath towel for every speech-impaired child at Novogrudok.
They’re going to be so happy!
Now let’s go to the circus!… Here’s a brief photo report that will warm your heart:
We had the privilege of giving disabled children and their families the excursion of a lifetime!
(Widen your browser to enjoy the photos fully.)
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel