New pix from Zhodino, Belarus


Christmas was SO BIG at the Zhodino children’s shelter this year, you’ve just GOT to widen your browser to the max … to take in all the photos!
Click here for a heartwarming Christmas celebration with Kristina and the kids.

Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

An amazing year, thanks to you


Kristina met with our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk today and went over the final figures for our work together in 2013:

New Thing provided $73,000.74 in 2013, including $27,604 for special projects.

We served 6,700 individuals personally, plus many thousands of others through 120 organizations.

We received and distributed 21 loads of donated food and goods, a total of 232 metric tons, with a total value of $176,000.


Every individual request for help is handwritten in a notebook. “There are piles of these notebooks,” Kristina reports, “and then when the aid comes in that fits the request, the person is notified and the date they receive it is noted.” (All subject to audits by the Belarusian government.)


Our humble thanks to everyone who gave in 2013 to help us share God’s love in such practical ways with needy people all across Belarus! God bless you!

Happy New Year, and thank you!

THANK YOU to all who clicked “Follow” to receive photo reports and updates automatically!

And thank you again to all who helped us reach out with God’s love in practical ways to the needy ones of Belarus in 2013.

Together, we:
    • provided freezers, sinks, and toilets for a boarding school for children with respiratory ailments in Bogushevsk,
    • contributed toward needs at an orphanage in Novogrudok for children with severe speech disorders,
    • supported a soup kitchen for the homeless in Minsk,
    • funded a high-tech magnifying unit for visually impaired children at Molodzyechna,
    • provided a lawnmower for a foster family at Novoselki (and a ping-pong table for the kids!),
    • built a kitchen in the Domik after-school center at the Zhodino children’s shelter,

    • produced a beautiful album of photo-portraits of families with disabled children at Dzerzhinsk,


    • and replaced our aged warehouse with two brand-new 40-foot storage units.
All of this on top of keeping our “Response of the Heart” team going strong, bringing some 200 tons of donated food and goods into the country and distributing it to the poor and homeless, the blind and the disabled, those who were sick and those who were lost and alone.


Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel


“Look at this!”


“Look at this!”
We say these words over and over.
And somebody always looks.
We take it for granted.

But for children who are nearly blind, it’s not so easy.
If somebody says “Look at this,” they can’t.
Until now.

With a tremendous machine I’ll simply call a “magnifier,” a nearly-blind child can see any object.
Not just computer images — actual objects.
Think what this means:
A teacher can say “Look at this!”
and for the first time in her life, a child will be able to see what you and I see.

At the Molodzyechna school for the visually impaired, there are 200 children.
We can’t help those who are totally blind, but many of these kids have some slight vision.
We can help them.

So we did.

We gave an awesome Christmas gift: literally, the gift of sight.
Generous friends of New Thing gave a total of $3,500 toward this need.
I am grateful for every gift. Thank you so much for your warm response.

It was a great moment when our Minsk team contacted the school to say those lovely words:
“Look at this!”

Thanks for journeying with us.
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Look at us!

New “New Thing” photo-portrait book makes its debut



The big day has finally arrived!

I delivered the books to the children and their families.
(I also danced. Sort of.)

Here’s the fun photo report:

I suggest you widen your browser to the max to enjoy the photos fully.
Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,
Doug Brendel