Quick update


Just 2 quick notes:

1. Our “Response of the Heart” team has received 13 tons of donated humanitarian aid from Germany – They’re distributing the clothes, shoes, furniture, plates, mugs, strollers, wheelchairs, and more … to children’s shelters and orphanages, the disabled, foster families, and others in need.
2. Friends have donated a total of $482.38 to help us get a 8.25-ton truckload of aid out of Ireland and into Belarus. When we reach the $7232.38 goal, it will release $48,963.21 worth of goods. (Every $1 we provide turns into $6.77 in aid for the people we love in Belarus.)
So we still have $6750 to go … Please help if you haven’t already.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel


The math of compassion … 1 = 6.77


I always want to be careful with you.
I never want to ask you for help if it isn’t really important.
But today, we’re facing a truly unusual situation, and I think it’s worth letting you know about.

For years, an Irish humanitarian group has been donating aid to Belarus through our “Response of the Heart” team.
They’re awesome.
They actually collect the goods, load their own truck, ferry it across from Ireland, drive it to the border.
Then “The Great Kozovaya” gets them through customs, they offload everything at our warehouse, turn around and head back.

A 5-day ordeal, one-way.
All as volunteers. Twice a year.

But the economy in Ireland has been shattered. They’re in an extreme recession.
So our Irish friends have collected $48,963.21 worth of goods (8.25 tons), and loaded it into their truck, but they literally don’t have the funds to make the trip.

For gasoline, the ferry to the mainland, and basic expenses to keep the team alive during the trip both directions, takes $7232.38.
But if we could give them this amount, it would release the entire shipment of aid to needy people all across Belarus.

Every $1 we give them will release $6.77 in aid for the people we love in Belarus.

There are huge rolls of carpet and fabric, incredibly valuable construction materials, furniture, baby strollers, toys, footwear, children’s bicycles, 169 boxes of clothing, and more.
All strictly designated for Belarus — this stuff can’t go anywhere else.
But if the transportation costs aren’t met by September 8th, all of this aid will have to wait for the next available travel time on the volunteers’ schedule — 6 months away.
They already missed the May 2014 window, simply for lack of funds.

I know this is a lot to ask.
But this opportunity is tremendous — turning every dollar into $6.77 in actual, practical help for the needy ones of Belarus.
So I hope you can help.

A $50 donation releases $338.50 in aid.
$25 becomes $169.25 … A gift of $100 turns into $677.
Whatever you give today will multiply by 6.77.

Please help if you can.
(The little girl in the photo is Dasha. She says “Spasibo!” … Thank you!)

And I thank you too, for journeying with us.
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Donate online here
Sign up to auto-give monthly
To send a check: New Thing, 403 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich MA 01938
Thanks again!

Nuke them baby bottles! :-)

Thanks to the generous people who give every month in support of New Thing … we were able to respond immediately when the microwave broke down in the children’s wing of Ushachi regional hospital.

These photos of the new microwave come with gratitude from hospital director Dr. Nikolai and head nurse Rosa.

(The original microwave was one of the first gifts we ever gave here! It worked hard and served well, and has now gone on to electronics heaven.)

Your generosity really does make a difference in Belarus. Thank you again!


They’re awfully cute…

Thought you’d like to meet a couple of the children at the shelter in Smolevichi, where Lydia Danielevna is providing security equipment, a laptop, and some furniture with the birthday gift donated by friends of New Thing. Thanks to all who responded with such compassion and generosity!

(See all 6 snapshots)

You gave a birthday gift, and…???


Friends of New Thing responded beautifully and gave a surprise birthday gift to Lydia Danielevna a few weeks ago.
She’s the esteemed second-in-command of our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk.
We gave her the joy of deciding where to donate her $1,076 birthday present, anywhere in Belarus.
She was delighted by the gift, and took the opportunity very seriously.
She considered a number of options, and now … she has made her decision:
Lydia Danielevna’s birthday gift will be donated to the children’s shelter at Smolevichi, north of Minsk.
21 abused and abandoned children are living there right now (they sometimes care for as many as 27).
This surprise gift will provide an urgently needed security camera for the entrance door, a computer for the staff, and chairs for the offices.
By today’s exchange rate, the need at Smolevichi is actually within 33¢ of the exact amount they need!
“The shelter is not rich,” The Great Kozovaya writes. “The workers try to do everything themselves.”
Today, they’re celebrating the generosity of friends in America.
Thank you to all who gave so generously!
And thank you for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Love by the ton!



I am so grateful for every friend who responded to the need of the Belarusian people over the past couple weeks!

  • A total of 13 friends made or increased a pledge of monthly support — which means we now have a total of $3140 per month pledged toward our $4000 need.
  • And a total of 10 friends gave immediate gifts totaling $1910 — which is helping us catch up in Minsk.
Thank you to all who responded so graciously to support the work of compassion among the needy ones of Belarus.
Meanwhile, there’s no break in the ministry over there!
Please feel free to forward this link to friends who might enjoy following New Thing in the former USSR.
And thanks again for journeying with us!
Much love,
Doug Brendel

Here’s what happened

I posted a week ago with disturbing news out of Belarus, and asked for your help.
I threw some numbers at you:
1. The nation’s largest humanitarian aid operation, with a staff of just 4 people.
2. It used to cost $3500 a month; now, because of rampant inflation there, suddenly it takes $4000.
3. A total of just 21 households give monthly to New Thing — total: less than $2000 a month.
4. A friend promised to match the first $250 a month in new pledges.
Well, here’s what happened — by the numbers:
9 friends responded with immediate gifts, totaling $1870.
3 faithful monthly supporters increased their giving by a total of $235 a month.
7 friends made a monthly pledge for the first time ever, for a total of $405 a month.
This wonderful outpouring of generosity means we now have $2790 a month pledged, toward our $4000 need.
A tremendous start. I am truly grateful for those who responded so warmly, so quickly.
As you can see, we still have a ways to go.
If you’ve been sitting on the fence … thinking about making a monthly pledge … if you’ve been wondering if you’re needed…
We need you. Because the people of Belarus need you.
Or your bank might have a program that auto-mails a check (this is how Kristina and I give).
Any amount you can give each month will make a very real impact on the lives of thousands of people in need, in the “forgotten country” of Belarus.
Please note: No New Thing donations come to me or Kristina; we’re volunteers. 100% of your giving goes into Belarus.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for understanding, and for journeying with us.
Much love,
Doug Brendel